About the hotel

The story of Helenekilde Badehotel

The private summer residence at the ultimate location.

Helenekilde Badehotel is a historic gem located along the beautiful Danish coastline in Tisvilde, encompassing a rich history filled with charm and elegance.
It began as a dream of a private home, built in 1896 by the Supreme Court attorney Mr. Grüner as an idyllic summer residence—a declaration of love to his wife and a tribute to the beauty of nature. This unique property was later transformed into a summer and bathing hotel in 1904 and was named Helenekilde Badehotel.
Throughout the years, the hotel has witnessed unforgettable moments and served as a sanctuary for guests from near and far, as well as an inspiration to numerous artists in Tisvilde.
Helenekilde Badehotel has always managed to create an atmosphere of warmth, intimacy, and authenticity. In 1968, the hotel was expanded with an adjacent wing, further enhancing its unique character and idyllic ambiance.

In 2001 and 2006, Helenekilde Badehotel and its sister hotel, Tisvilde Strandhotel, were acquired by the dedicated Kølpin family. Under the careful leadership of Alexander Kølpin, both hotels were renovated in 2008, preserving the original architectural features and historical spirit.
Today, Helenekilde Badehotel stands as a living testament to the grandeur and history of the past, meeting the desires and needs of the present. The hotel’s elegant rooms and suites, award-winning cuisine, and exquisite surroundings create an experience of relaxed luxury, tranquility, and aesthetic beauty.

Helenekilde Badehotel is more than just a hotel. It is a special place where history meets the present, where the soul is touched, and memories are made. A place that invites guests to feel at home and indulge in an atmosphere of exceptional beauty and hospitality. Welcome to Helenekilde Badehotel, where history and elegance blend together in perfect harmony.